Our Team

Adrian Collins
Owner of @ACollins, Adrian has 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Along with the team, he is passionate about creating the most dynamic services practice in the country.
Jenna Roseweir
Jenna co-manages the operations side of the practice, with specific focus on tax, accounting and payrolls. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Jenna is our tax and accounting guru.
Kate Di Blasio
Co-managing the operations of the practice, Kate pays specific attention to strategy and communications. Kate has worked with Adrian for almost 20 years……..yes, I SAID 20 YEARS!!!! As a result, she has suffered several mental breakdowns and can often be found drooling in a corner or licking the windows.
Liz Doherty
Crucial to our process team, Liz’s area of expertise is taking care of the insurance side of things. Liz pays meticulous attention to all the finer details, dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s.
Thobile Mvubu
Thobi is a member of our process team. Her area of focus includes tax, accounting and payrolls.
Michelle Collins
As Adrian’s wife, it goes without saying that Michelle is the big boss. She brings to the office her own very special set of qualities, not the least of which is a stonking sense of humour. Naturally this is accompanied by heinous amounts of hysterical laughter, mostly at Adrian – not with him.
Teneil Nawdish
Teneil forms part of the out-of-office team, providing assistance to the processing department. When she is not belly dancing, Teneil can be found dangling from a pole.
Jeanette Hoba
Jeanette is the newest member of our processing team. She also enjoys baking muffins which keeps everyone in the office very happy.